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Octomom Uncovered Masturbation Sex Tape Released Today

Nadya Suleman Uncovered

Octomom Uncovered has finally been released.  Nadya Suleman came on to Howard Stern's show this morning to promote her new masturbation porn video from Wicked Pictures.  The tape is a bargain, and shows Nadya soaping up her huge (and might we say very nice!) breasts, before sliding her hands south for some rub rub action.  It's finally here!  Get inside to watch it!

Nadya Suleman 'Octomom' Agrees to Make a Masturbation Tape for Vivid

Octomom is now revealing her OctoPUSSY!  Looks like our favorite Miss Suleman is ready to do a porn video to make her mortgage payments! Suleman is unmarried, unemployed, and has fourteen mouths to feed.  Sounds like a recipe for a porn in the making!   Suleman already had six children before giving birth to octuplets who were conceived through in vitro fertilization in January 2009.  She created a media firestorm, and rightly so, since it looks like the American Government was going to have to bail her out for her interesting decisions.  Well, Vivid has come to the rescue once again.   Suleman has had a rough couple of years from being almost evicted from her home, bankruptcy, issues with child protective services, and her recent topless photos for Closer magazine.  A string of bad decisions and bad luck as left her ready to sell herself for a few bucks!  It is currently reported that Suleman is now one million dollars in debt.
    Miss Suleman’s current topless photo shoot didn’t completely ruin her porn career, but it certainly tarnished it.  Vivid’s founder and co-chairman Steve Hirsh offered Nadya Suleman $1 million dollars in 2009 to star in her own erotic video, however, Suleman turned Vivid down.  In 2010, Suleman was on the brink of loosing her house and Vivid was ready to bail her out of foreclosure if she consented to one hardcore scene for $500,000 dollars, but Octomom still wasn’t ready to commit.  Recently Octomom appeared in a topless photo shoot showing off her body after having eight children in 2009!  However the photos weren’t as popular as hoped and it looks like Octomom is fading out of the spotlight for good.  Hirsch has made one last offer, but it looks as if the offer is less enticing than the previous.  But that isn’t stopping Suleman this time!  She is in a world of debt!

Octomom is signed and ready to star in her own solo masturbation video with Vivid Entertainment!!!!  Suleman's solo video is in the works now and should be out soon.  She is currently shooting in the San Fernando Valley for her solo sex tape and she has been nervous filming.  However, it is reported that she is a natural!  She definitely had some tips from other porn actresses.  She is excited to see the finished product—and I bet she is more excited for payday! From OctoMOM to OctoPUSSY!   

Octomom Fetish Video Update!

The story is unfolding, the first pictures of Octomom's Fetish Video have been released and they are epic. The mom of 14 is donning a skin tight leather corsette that is pushing her tits up into her face, and looks like she melted those leather pants onto her legs. The pictures show Nadya cracking the whip with a fat Latino guy covered in tattoos, as they pose all over her home. The man in the video has been identified as 'Tattoo', and apparantely he's a radio personality from an LA and can be heard on In one shot, Tattoo poses in her kid's playhouse and in another it shows him riding a toy horsey as Suleman whips him, all the time being surruonded by mounds of her children's toys. This video is going to be an aboslute joke, and we can't wait to see the whole thing! Stay tuned for MORE updates!

Octomom Agrees to Fetish Video

octomom video

Octomom, otherwise known as Nadya Suleman, has made some sort of fetish sex tape video with an unknown man.  Details are limited so far, but it looks like this Octomom video could be bought up by some adult entertainment company - maybe Vivid?  So far all we know is that the video will feature Octomom dressed in a black corsette and black stockings as she whips a full grown Latino man wearing a diaper. However, allegedly there will be no nudity in the video- what a disappointment! Nadya will no doubt look smokin' hot... we shall see if this video tape gets  extra steamy.  Check back often for more updates!