Nadya Suleman quickly came to be known as Octomom in January 2009 after giving birth to octuplets.  They are only he second set of octuplets to be born in the US alive and garnered worldwide attention just two years ago.  Octomom has been approached by many, either as a reality TV star or sex symbol.  Vivid asked her to create and release a sex tape, but so far the offer has been refused... until now.  The Octomom video is confirmed and coming!

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Nadya finally agreed to make a masturbation video for Wicked Pictures - and the day has finally come that it is released!  Ever wanted to see her pussy after those eight kids?  Now you can!  Her breasts look surprisingly nice, too!

nadya suleman

After eight kids, she still looks pretty damn good!


octomom in bikini

octomom angelina jolie